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Spotlight on: CBD MASSAGE

META BLOG Spotlight on: CBD MASSAGE Every so often, a new super product sweeps the wellness world. Sometimes for the greater good, but not always. Lucky for us, CBD seems to be the real deal, but there are some things you need to know. Here’s the good, the bad, and the useless when it comes […]

Getting The Most From Your Next Massage

META BLOG Getting The Most From Your Next Massage This the season for gratitude, celebration, and typically a whole lotta stress. There�s something about putting yourself out there that tends to take away from the harmony within. You come in for a massage, and within days, your dogs are barkin� again. Your body is once […]

Four Unexpected Benefits of Prenatal Massage

META BLOG Four Unexpected Benefits of Prenatal Massage Here at Meta Bodywork we firmly believe Prenatal Massage therapy can be an important ingredient in any womans prenatal wellness plan. Here are four unexpected benefits of prenatal massage that can really rub off on you…. Cuts back on swelling: Massage can help improve circulation to reduce […]

WTF is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

META BLOG WTF is Manual Lymphatic Drainage? Lymphatic drainage massage seems to be the newest craze in wellness. We have been practicing it for years and have recently had a flood of people come into my office because they saw lymphatic drainage on Instagram. (And we should do everything we see on the gram.) So, […]